Websites  - US website that covers wide range of world exploration. has complete works of Burton and €˜More” tab leads to Speke’s Journal

The SJCC Library John H. Speke resource is here.

The Guardian, to mark International Women’s Day March 8th 2016 is here.

Bookshops, Aution Houses, etc.
Cheffins auction house here in Clifton Road, Cambridge ( has some Library sales which include books, maps, prints & ephemera. You can go in either on sale days or preview days & have a browse, even if not remotely interested in bidding.........the 2017 dates of these are 22 February, 12 July & 18 October. (Similar book/map collections are also, of course, auctioned @ Sothebys etc & the same ease of access can be made - one of London's best kept secrets)

When I mentioned the SCVA Fiji exhibition in Norwich, I should have also mentioned a store in central Norwich called Country & Eastern. Housed in the former Victorian Skating Rink near the market square, you'll see from the website ( that it includes lots of "parts" of old buildings, all clearly & interestingly labelled, from a wide range of eastern locations. C&E also holds an important collection of 4000+ artefacts which form the South Asian Decorative Arts & Crafts Collection Trust ( & the centre of the store has cases to display well-curated, changing temporary exhibitions from that collection


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